Our theme for the Weathergrams is Four Strong Winds which reflects the spirit and beauty of Alberta. Here is the song which is being performed at one of our local music festivals: Four Strong Winds.

Information on how to create Weathergrams: Portland Society for Calligraphy 

Examples of Weathergrams on Edmonton Calligraphic Society’s website:

  1. Edmonton Calligraphic Society’s hospital project
  2. Weathergram update
  3. Edmonton Calligraphic Society Weathergram Project
  4. Grey Nuns’ Hospital Facebook
  5. Edmonton Calligraphic Society’s March Ink Drops with information on Weathergrams (toward bottom of blog)
  6. Quotes for Weathergrams – see next page – these quotes are based on Calligraphy/Lettering. The other theme that could be used is “Four Strong Winds.” Any weather quote would work well with this theme. 

Examples of Weathergrams done by Edmonton Calligraphic Society:


1. International Exhibition of Calligraphy

2. D’Source

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