DUE TO COVID19, ALL WORKSHOPS WILL BE ONLINE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. REGISTRATION WILL TAKE PLACE ONLY ON EVENTBRITE.  Members of ECS will receive information on all upcoming events via email/Ebulletin.
The Edmonton Calligraphic Society (ECS) offers regular classes and workshops throughout the year, taught by both local calligraphers and out-of-town guest instructors. Whether you’re an experienced calligrapher or just getting started, there’s sure to be a class for you!

General Meeting Classes

Introductory/Refresher classes are typically held within the context of a General meeting. If you’re just getting into calligraphy, or want to brush up on basic skills, these classes are a great way to get your feet (or pen) wet!



Workshops offer more extended and highly focused training. A typical workshop involves instructional time, where a new lettering skill is taught to workshop attendees, along with time to practice and complete lettering exercises. Most importantly, the workshop instructor has the time and expertise to provide feedback on letterform and the composition and design of calligraphic art.

Workshops are arranged to meet the emerging needs of hand-lettering artists. They take on many forms. Examples of past workshop formats include:

  • Evening and daytime 3-hour workshops
  • One-day (6 hours) or two-day (12 hours) weekend events
  • Extended study (classes which take place over a number of weeks or months)

If you have questions about whether a workshop is right for you, don’t hesitate to email the Workshop Chairperson at edmcalligraphy@gmail.com.

How to Register 

There are two ways to register for a class or workshop.

1. Register at an ECS General Meeting


ECS members are invited to register for workshops at ECS meetings by submitting a completed registration form and a cheque for the full registration fee. Registration dates for particular classes will be distributed through Ink Drops (our online members newsletter). Registration will only be accepted at the designated meeting, and not at subsequent meetings. Registration cheques are to be made payable to the “Edmonton Calligraphic Society”. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

Unless otherwise stated, class/workshop supplies are not included in your registration fee.

See the Membership page for added benefits of being an ECS Member.

2. Register through Eventbrite.ca

Registration to classes and workshops is offered to both the general public and ECS members via Eventbrite. Details on how to register via Eventbrite, including the day on which registration opens, are provided on the event-specific pages listed in the Upcoming Classes and Workshops section below. Note that when you register through Eventbrite, an additional service fee may apply.

Registrations are not accepted by mail or through the ECS website.

Unless otherwise stated, class/workshop supplies are not included in your registration fee.


Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Below, you’ll find a listing of our upcoming classes and workshops. For our most recent events, classes and workshops check our blog.   See the Membership page for added benefits of being an ECS Member.



Two Day Workshops

Two fun-filled days of calligraphic exploration and experimentation with the Handwritmic Ruling Pen. To find out more and to register: Eventbrite

About this Event:

Join Julie Wildman for two fun-filled sessions as we explore and experiment with the Handwritmic Ruling Pen designed by Brody Neuschwander. These two days (3 hours each) will familiarize us with the unique features and capabilities of this very special tool. This class has limited enrolment (30), so participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the instructor. Recordings of both sessions will be permanently available to students after the workshop.

Date and Time

Saturday, Feb 20, 2021, 10:00 MST – 1:00 PM MST

Saturday, Feb 27, 2021, 10:00 MST – 1:00 PM MST

Location: Online Event

Refund Policy: Eventbrite fees are nonrefundable. 


One Day Workshops

Spring Break: Brush Calligraphy for Teens

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

1:00- 2:30 pm


Register on Eventbrite


About this Event

Have you ever wanted to create beautiful lettering to add to your own greeting cards or journals? This introductory class will teach you the basic strokes of brush lettering. We will use these strokes to “build” each letter of the alphabet. By the end of the class, you will be able to connect these letters into any word or phrase you want. We will also learn to draw some simple leaves and flowers that you can add to your cards or journals.

To participate in this class, you will need a small brush pen. We recommend the Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip, but a similar brush pen will work too. (Please note, this pen is not actually a brush. It has a flexible nip that emulates a brush.) You can purchase these pens at Michaels, Amazon or any local art store. If you cannot get the pen, you can still do the class with a regular pen or pencil. 

Once you are registered, you will receive a PDF containing worksheets that you can print and use during the class. If you are not able to print these, you can still follow along with the instructor on a piece of lined paper.

This event is put on by the Edmonton Calligraphic Society edmontoncalligraphicsociety.ca


Series of Classes



Mentor Meetup



Member-Taught Calligraphy Classes


In addition to the classes and workshops provided by the ECS, our members teach a variety of introductory and advanced workshops and classes on lettering, handwriting, gilding, and more. These classes and workshops are offered throughout the Edmonton area. For a listing of upcoming member-taught classes, visit our In The Community page.