Next Meeting:

October 4th, 2023 – in person

Class: Falling for French Ronde with Jeanine Alexander and Textures of Autumn with Brenda Foster.

Learn to Letter

Jeanine Alexander will provide basic instruction in the French Ronde script to start our session. This upright hand is very useful for lengthy pieces like diplomas and verse.

The CAPS are WOW!

Paper will be supplied for lettering.

T-square or ruler.

Pencil,eraser, and scissors.

Parallel pen… 3.8 mm green for instruction.

Smaller sizes for the project…pink, red, orange.

OR  Sakura Calligrapher markers…

30 for instruction and 10 and 20 for the project.

Learn to use your Letters

Next, Brenda Foster will teach you how to achieve the Textures of Autumn with her take on tissue paper watercolour painting. You will have the opportunity to try the technique on some ready made cards and add your lettering for a wonderful seasonal card.

Watercolour paints and medium size brush.

Water container.

Small towel or paper towel.

Optional… Bister inks or Schminke powders.

Find some on the ‘Share Table’.

Xacto knife and cutting mat.

Glue stick or 2 sided tape.

The instructors will have extra pens and blow dryers to lend.

Doors open at 5:45 pm

Join ECS in a fun-filled evening.

Mill Woods Senior and Multicultural Centre

2nd Floor of 2610 Hewes Way (above the Mill Woods Public Library)

To take part in ECS meetings a Membership is required which gives you access to the Monthly Meeting Classes.

Information about each Monthly Meeting is sent out to the Membership prior to each Monthly Meeting.  Watch for it in your email.

The 2023/24 year format:

The Edmonton Calligraphic Society (ECS) will be a combination of in person (5:45 to 8:45) and online ZOOM (7:00 pm to 9:00 pm) classes at the General Meetings for the 2023/24 Membership year. Below is a table indicating Instructors & Topics.

Instructors and Topics for 2023-24

September –  in person – Neuland Now with Barbara Keir

October – in person – Falling for French Ronde with Brenda Foster & Jeanine Alexander

November – ZOOM – Copperplate Majuscules with Joe Deneen

December – ZOOM – Christmas Boxes with Barbara Close

January – ZOOM – Flourish with a Heart with Heather Held

February – ZOOM – Art Deco for Calligraphers – B nib – with Gemma Black

March – in person – Paper Parfleche & Popsicle Sticks with Peggy Marce & Margaret Poznansky

April – in person – Spencerian Splendour with Renita Land

May – AGM & Social

To take part in ECS meetings a Membership is required which gives you access to all Meeting Classes.

General Meetings are designed to provide ECS members with the time and space to practice their calligraphy, gain valuable feedback and advice from fellow letterers, and learn about upcoming calligraphic events and volunteer opportunities.

In-person General Meetings are typically hosted on Wednesdays from 6:00 – 8:45 PM at the Mill Woods Library, Seniors and Multicultural Centre.

Quick overview of a typical ECS monthly General Meeting.

5:45 Doors open for setup.

It is recommended that you arrive early to get yourself setup and organized for the class. The best seats do go quickly. This will give you time to check out all that the Edmonton Calligraphic Society has to offer:  members are invited to browse the library and supplies, pick up a name tag or supply kit, buy a door prize ticket and set up their “For the Love of Letters” for sharing. Take an opportunity to view and discuss lettering work done in the past month. (Please click on link to learn more about For the Love of Letters).

6:00    Call to order

6:15   Evening’s Activity:

Learn to Letter: see above dates for class

Project: see above dates for class

7:30  For The Love of Letters  segment

7:40   Break – Take time to walk around the room and see everyone’s work. Great opportunity to share insights and get tips on lettering, tools, paper, inks. Learn from other letterers.

More time for browsing the library and supplies, pick up a name tag or supply kit, or buy a door prize ticket (cash, cheque or credit)

8:00   Evening’s Activity resumes.

8:45    Exit Room


Each meeting includes a one to two hour class, typically led by an ECS member. Introductory/Refresher Classes typically focus on a particular lettering style (e.g., Script, Uncial, Foundational, Blackletter).

Workshop and Special Events are posted in Ink Drops.  For other information, please see our Website or Facebook.

A reminder that our membership year is from July 1st to June 30th. For more information, please go to our Membership Page.

Meeting day is the first Wednesday of each month.

RM 231, Mill Woods Senior & Multicultural Centre, 2610 Hewes Way, Edmonton, Alberta