To keep us energized with lettering throughout the year, we’ve created the 8″x8″ Letters and Lines challenge!

At the beginning of each meeting, all ECS members are invited to display a piece that they’ve been working on. Your submission is meant to be a work in progress, not a finished piece. Your submission can be anything – use it as an opportunity to experiment with a new-to-you writing instrument/ink/paper, get feedback on work from a class or workshop, or show off your grocery list…and let the ink flow on. We’ll also provide monthly suggestions in case you’re stuck for ideas.

Remember that the Letters and Lines submissions are an opportunity to share and learn from one another. See how happy accidents and mistakes are handled. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn from one another!

Make sure to bring along something you have worked on or discovered since the last meeting. We welcome both finished works, as well as works in progress, a practice sheet or even some interesting samples of lettering you and others might find inspirational.


September                   HELLO

Hey, Hello, Howdy…what is your favourite way of greeting people?

What about different languages…Hola, Bonjour, G’Day?

Find a quote to welcome change, friends or family or new ideas.


October                       GATHER

As we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, gather your newest acquired materials and do a sampler.

Gather all your inks and write about the Quick Brown Fox with each one.

Find a quote about gratitude. List the things you are grateful for.  Make place cards for your feast table.


November                   UNDER THE SEA

Want to be a mermaid? This is your chance.

Break out your waterbrush and watercolours to letter some mermaid quips.

Make a statement about the plight of our waterways and oceans. Make it make someone think!


December                    JOY

JOY is a popular word for calligraphers with only 3 letters. But let’s see some joyful flourishes on that Y.

A time for versals,  J- O- Y.      Let’s see how lively you can make them.

Write out a quote or use your own words to capture joyful memories.


January                        WINTER BREAK


February                      X’s and O’s

Use your folded pen, waterbrush or draw some Versals.

Use the GETTY-DUBAY model to write Valentine wishes or poetry in monoline.

Let your LOVE shine through on a favourite quote or scripture.


March                          BOUQUETS AND BLOSSOMS

Looking forward to Spring flowers? Share your hopes and dreams for your next garden.

Check out some computer tutorials and do some lettering inside a floral wreath.

Create another Heather Held letter.


April                            FOOL AROUND

Knock Knock Jokes, Silly Rhymes and tongue twisters are perfect for your B Nib.

Want to be more serious? Do Roman caps with a B-nib.

Don’t be intimidated. Try the Retro Deco caps we did last month. Use a Virginia Wolfe quote.


May                             ALL CAPS

Take some time to learn some caps.

Caps beg for embellishment and colour…let’s see a parade of caps marching across your page.

Stack the words of a short quote in a vertical column. Let the letters bounce and dance!


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