Want to hire a calligrapher to create custom pieces for you or to participate in your next event? Look no further! The following members of the Edmonton Calligraphic Society (ECS) are available to do contract work. The ECS provides this alphabetical list as a service and does not specifically endorse any one calligrapher over another. Skill, experience, lettering styles and prices could vary considerably; see client notes below before selecting a calligrapher.


Amy Bollana

Amy specializes in modern calligraphy and is also a graphic designer with over 25 years of experience. In addition to addressing envelopes or creating lettering for invitations, she can combine hand lettering with graphic design to create a quote, verse or other one-of a kind piece.  You can see her hand lettered designs on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram (below).

Email: amybollana@gmail.com




Valerie Louis


Instagram: http://instagram.com/valcalligraphy/


Valerie is a professional Calligrapher, Hand Engraver and Instructor who specializes in live events, hand and digital calligraphy services.

Her past clients include Hermes, Michael Kors, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora , Lululemon, Jack Daniels, and Mount Royal University.

She is based in Calgary, but is available for live events in all of Alberta, Vancouver and Regina.

In addition to live events, Valerie enjoys working on private commissions, lettering for invitations, and digital calligraphy.  She has had the pleasure of working with clients from all around the world and would love to create something special for you.

Valerie is a certified American Cursive Handwriting Instructor (program created by Master Penman Michael Sull and Marie Hornback) and a creative ambassador for Ferris Wheel Press stationery products.

Alexis Design

Alexis Reiter
780-448-9672, (780) 432-4828

Alexis Reiter has extensive experience with many calligraphic styles, on many surfaces. She has studied with numerous internationally renowned calligraphers. Applications include commissions, instruction (private and group).

Client Notes when hiring a Calligrapher:

Skill levels and prices may vary considerably, so we offer these suggestions in selecting a calligrapher:

1) Ask for samples similar to the type of work you need. For unique commissions, ask to see the calligrapher’s portfolio.

2) Contact several calligraphers for a cost estimate for your particular job.

3) Regarding your work agreement, be specific in the following areas:

  • Price (or breakdown of charges)
  • Completion date/turnaround time
  • Pickup/delivery options
  • Minimum quantities necessary for the job
  • Materials that will be used (ink, colors, paper, etc.)

4) Feel free to ask for references and discuss the calligrapher’s background, training and experience.

For any commissioned work, ensure that the text provided to the calligrapher is legible and worded as you want it to appear.

When multiple items are involved, please be prepared to provide extra envelopes, cards or certificates, etc. to the calligrapher.

All business arrangements are strictly between you and the calligrapher. The Edmonton Calligraphic Society is not responsible for any problems that may arise as a result of any business relationship.