Weathergram Update

Hello, all,

I thought you’d be interested in how our ‘grams weathered a month outside in the elements (not much rain…a little snow).  When Arlene and I took them down, I brought mine home and, when I was removing strings to recycle the paper, decided it was a good opportunity to document just how the various papers and inks stood up to the March weather. Pauline’s thinner paper took a beating.  Jeanine’s big ones completely disappeared, my Kelly Creates pen (that I ran under water to test) almost washed completely off, Jackie’s barely looked ‘used’, Henry’s larger papers took a bit of a beating, Arlene’s stood up very well (one with pencil faded),

Some of Dorothy’s lettering remained dark, Peggy’s and Margret’s showed little weathering, and Bruce’s one kept its colour.

We did discover that leaving a long string on them was a mistake.  The wind just spun them around and around, and flipped them up over other branches.  Some were so knotted, you could barely see the ‘gram and looked like garbage blown into the tree.  Tying them close to the branch is much better.

Lessons learned!

Gail Fournier

We’re hoping to nudge up some interest in the next project for GRIT…short quotes on kindness and encouragement.

Jeanine has lots of kraft paper and will give it to anyone who drives to her place for a pickup…an envelope of 24 precut and folded ‘grams’ to make for others.
Jeanine also reminds us:  they are always given…NEVER sold.
Pauline’s Weathergrams
Jeanine’s Weathergrams
Jackie’s Weathergrams
L-R Dorothy, Bruce, Peggy, Gail, Margret
Henry – top, Arlene – bottom.

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