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Several of us discussed how we could acknowledge the perseverance shown by our Pandemic-weary Health Care Workers, and decided to use Weathergrams to express our support. Since the Grey Nuns Hospital shares the same community as the location of the Millwoods Library where we meet upstairs in the Seniors & Multicultural Center to hold our ECS meetings, we decided to focus our attention there. Besides, one of our founding members, Jeanine Alexander, had volunteered at the hospital taking pre-school kids on tours and had a connection with their Manager of Volunteer Services, Teresa Lucier. Thank you to Dorothy Lowrie for creating the poster notice with information about the project, as well as background links to other resources about Weathergrams. Thanks also go to our Washington ECS member, Kath Harney, for allowing us to use her blog information.

We had donations from members outside of Edmonton, who mailed their Weathergrams, which was greatly-appreciated. Thank you Kath Harney (Washington), Sher Springall (New Westminster), Jane Friesen (Lethbridge), Brenda Stouffer (Grande Prairie), and Roxanne Fairbrother (Red Deer)! Local members who created Weathergrams include Kathy Gynane, Dorothy Lowrie, Jackie Doll, Rose Addorisio, Pauline Baynes, Margret Ingibergsson, Gail Fournier, Henry Parker, Arlene Bowles, Peggy Marce, Bruce Jakeway, Barbara Keir, and Jeanine Alexander, who created over 300 on her own, including 12 large sized ones to attract people’s attention to our decorated trees. My apologies if I have missed anyone’s name!

Photos of Weathergrams Submitted by Our Members

Links to Global TV and the Grey Nuns Hospital

This is the link to the Global TV News coverage that was filmed while we were installing the Weathergrams.

Covenant Health Edmonton posted photos and information about our Weathergram project on their Social Media pages:




Covenant Strong

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