The Wonderful Folded Pen Workshop

Thank you so much for a great workshop Kerri.  Special thanks to Gail Fournier for her attention to detail and countless hours setting up these workshops for us.

Day One: Thicks and Thins





































































































































































The dining group at Vaticano were lucky enough to get the business card of the impressive magician performing that evening.













Day Two:

Lots of ink, paper & letters everywhere.


No blot ink pencil creates interesting effects









Tiny spray bottle with walnut ink

and tiny dropper bottle purchased

at Optimum Health Food Store in the Essential Oil section –

2 – 7115 109 Street







Bottles of

Ecoline watercolour.

Other inks: Sumi, Walnut, watercolours, gouache.







Review of Letter Forms
































Nib Cleaner Recipe (works well for cleaning around the house too). Don’t leave tool in cleaner for too long.

1/4 c.  dawn

1/2 c. lemon juice

1 cup of vinegar

1 1/4 c water.




Kerri also brought some of her art pieces that provided great food for thought .
































































































































































































































































































































SPACING HINT: Look at your work upside down or in a mirror to check on spacing.


Always review strokes – do a warmup.







































































































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