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 is Wednesday, May 3rd/2017. The Letters and Lines theme is “White at Night” and the Lettering Class is ‘Gothicized Italic.’ 


Five times per year, the Edmonton Calligraphic Society (ECS) hosts General Meetings. General Meetings are designed to provide ECS members with the time and space to practice their calligraphy, gain valuable feedback and advice from fellow members, and learn about upcoming calligraphic events and volunteer opportunities.

Below, you’ll find a quick overview of a typical ECS monthly General Meeting.

6:00 Meeting doors open.

At this time, members are invited to browse the library and supplies, pick up a nametag or supply kit, buy a door prize ticket and post their Letters and Lines submission. (check out our Letters and Lines info here).

6:45 Letters and Lines begins.
Take an opportunity to view and discuss lettering work done in the past month. This will be led by a different ECS volunteer each meeting.

7:00 General Announcements & Volunteer Opportunities.

7:30 Introductory/Refresher Class begins.
Each meeting includes a one-hour class, typically led by an ECS member. Introductory/Refresher Classes typically focus on a particular lettering style (e.g., Script, Uncial, Foundational, Blackletter).

8:45 Mentoring Moments.
Spend 15 minutes talking to other ECS members about your/their work, supplies, classes and any related calligraphic questions you may have.


Edmonton Calligraphic Society
Membership Year 2016/17

Happy 30th Year
New Meeting day is Wednesday!!

RM 231, Mill Woods Senior & Multicultural Centre, 2610 Hewes Way, Edmonton, Alberta



Wednesday, May 3/2017
6:45 pm

Letters and Lines, Theme is “White at Night”

AGM & Class (Gothicized Italic)

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