March Mentor Meetup

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Watercolour Textures for Calligraphy and Playful Pencil Letters  (an in-person event)

Date and time

Sat, Mar 30, 2024 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM MDT


The Artelier (please note that this is NOT The Paint Spot, and is situated off an alley just south of the art store) 10045 81 Avenue Northwest Edmonton, AB T6E 1W7

About this event

  • 6 hours

Watercolour Textures for Calligraphy and Playful Pencil Letters

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and enhance your lettering skills in this in-person event!

In the morning, join Mary Whale as she demonstrates how to create samples of letters using both positive and negative space to define the letters. You will practice texture techniques with the materials at hand: e.g., watercolour wash, magic water with spray, salt and pigments. You will also learn how to use tracing paper to transfer images and plan your layout.

In the afternoon, Gail Fournier will demonstrate Pressure and Release to create a basic block letter alphabet and write a word or short phrase. You will be using two pencils taped together or a carpenter’s pencil to learn the Uncial alphabet and be able to write a word suitable for a personal greeting card.

Here is a list of supplies to bring with you – in addition to a water bottle and your lunch (or you can eat out)

For the morning session with Mary Whale:

At least 6 small pieces of 140 lb paper (4″ x 6″ postcard size pads work well) to play on and/or equivalent

tracing paper

hard (2H or F) and soft (2-3B) pencils

watercolours and container for water; brushes (one larger eg. 4-6 for washes and a couple smaller ones eg. 2-3 for details;

spray bottle for water

OPTIONAL: masking tape and board to secure paper; nib holder and flexible pointed nib for outlining letters with watercolour

For the afternoon session with Gail Fournier:

2 HB pencils taped together or held with an elastic band

A couple of sizes of soft pencils (2B, 4B, 6B, 8B)

1 harder pencil (2H, 4H), if you have it, or just an extra HB pencil will do



Tortillon–available at art shops or make your own:

Grid pad (It doesn’t have to be Rhodia as it’s not for ink–cheap paper will do, if you have it.)

Sketch book paper that has a nice ‘tooth’ for working with pencil. The Dollarama has inexpensive Da Vinci notebooks that will work well.

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