Ink Drops, May, 2019


September Workshop:


An International Calligrapher from Slovenia will be here on September 14 & 15 to teach Experimental Embossing. This is an ALL LEVELS workshop. New to calligraphy…take particular note of the ‘experimenting’…this is for you.

Contact any member of the executive to register before the workshop opens to the public…do it NOW…or spaces will evaporate.



Class Brochure

Click on the link “Class Brochure” to find out more

about Loredana & the workshop.







May’s Meeting Highlights

We received a generous donation from a life time member and want to pay that forward by adding it to the Write On Wendy bursary program. Bursaries for the April 27th workshop are in process…sorry for the delay.

At the AGM we successfully filled our executive team positions and have a new secretary and treasurer stepping in to work as trainees. Welcome Amy and Laura.

The motion to increase membership to $45 was made. That means if you have not renewed or want to re- join you have until June 30th to mail in your registration. Be sure to complete your renewal, permission to publish and volunteer choices. Save $5 and get your $40 renewal/ application in. Price goes to $45 on July 1/19. Membership Form (mailing address is on the form).

We were once again successful in acquiring an $1800 grant from Edmonton Arts Council. The reply from the Council describes us as a well run organization and challenged us to continue our work on a Cross Cultural Calligraphic Art exhibit. To that end we struck a 3 person Ad Hoc committee to undertake this work. There is room for all on this one…as Gail (our new president) is on the committee, send all your wonderful and even wild ideas on venues, formats, and contacts to her. Email:

Our new Executive team is President: Gail Fournier, VP and Workshops: Barbara Keir, Treasuer: Lilian Lai/Laura Eriksson, Secretary: Jackie Doll/Amy Bollano and Membership: Cynthia Zimmerman. Note that of that group the majority are members of 5 years or less. Way to go, Members!

Four members are attending Rendez Vous 2019 and will each receive some financial support for their conference costs. Be sure to be there when they bring back their work and knowledge!

Mentor Meetups are being booked for 2019…September 26, November 28 with October 24 reserved for a Brush Lettering Workshop.

Heather Held is here on June 15/16 and supply packets of Ink, Nibs and Sakura markers will be made available to save you from shopping for things not readily available in Edmonton.

Due to POPULAR demand, Margret organized an envelope exchange for May. It is never too late to send your Envelope if life got in the way of your good intentions and envelope decorating.

We would like to thank all members of the Executive for their hard work and dedication to ECS. A special thank you to our outgoing president Trina Elash for the work you have done this past year.

Evening’s Activity

Jeanine Alexander led us through our evening activity. She brought samples of the different methods that she tried & shared how to stain our boards, what worked the best for writing on them, how to create the lettering without using a stencil and so many other hints that led us to our final projects.  All this in an hour & a half maximum (including teaching time). Jeanine had done all of the prep work before. We were given all of the tools that we would need for our projects with extras to spare. Jeanine: Thank you for taking on & sharing this fun project. And now for some samples


Here are experiments

that led her to our final direction in the project.




























And now for Member’s projects:









































You’ve Got Mail & Envelope Exchange

















































































































Letters And Lines

Where members share what they have been working on.


Wax Wraps to cover food.





























Thanks to Gail for arranging the Sally Towers-Sybllis workshop…what great work!




















































































































































Members checked out the library for some summer reading. Thank you Lynn Fraser for taking care of our library. Summer inspiration!










The 3 bags full draw – more summer fun!


















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    What a wonderful, colourful, interesting group of photos! We are a creative and talented group!

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