Ink Drops, April 2021


May 5, 2021

7:00 PM MDT via ZOOM

Instructor: Carol DuBosch

Envelope Art Slide Presentation




We are on the verge of summer…flowers are blooming, everything is getting greener. We are looking forward to

getting out and back to nature after our cold winter weather. Think greens, blues, yellows… and share your thoughts

about the beauty of nature and what it means to you. Try using any of the new lettering styles or techniques you

learned this year. Choose a meaningful song lyric about summer and letter it using your favourite tool. Relax and

enjoy the feeling that nature brings.


We extend a warm welcome to 14 new members!

Cory Thierrien—Etobicoke (Ont.), Jo-Anne Rogers—Blackflalds, AB, Jessalyn King–Edmonton

Cathy Bauer—Calgary, Nicole Cuglietta—North Vancouver, Kay Gray—Regina,

Shannon Savage—Washington, Rhonda Lippert—Oklahoma,  Judy Averill—Kelowna,

Sanjit Bakshi—Edmonton, Tami Cloutier—Edmonton,  Debbie Beck—Red Deer County,

Heather Held—St. George (Ont.), Susan Lee-Gregson—New Westminster, BC

Thanks to all who answered our call to renew your

ECS membership ahead of time! 44 people have

now renewed and they received Sally Towers-Sybblis’

incentive project link. Get yours by renewing before

June 30!

Good news! We are hiring professional calligraphers

for our April and May sessions, too, which will

complete our 2021-22 calligraphy year. We will

confirm their names next month.

Letters and Lines Theme: Favourite Quote

Bruce Jakeway

Right —Yogi Grunwald

Clockwise from left…

Italic on Bee Super Deluxe Paper. Large words with a 6.0 Parallel pen double loaded with various colours of Holbein Gouache. The smaller words with a 2.4 Parallel pen and Sumi ink. Graphite shading in the large words.

I used the bullet tip of a black Zip writer, then outlined the letters with a Uniball Signo gold gel pen on white Staples #110 yardstick. Painted with various brands of watercolours.

White 25% cotton calligraphy paper using 2.4, 3.0 and 6.0 parallel pens with Sumi ink in an Italic style. Bordered with a black Zig Writer then created the borders around the boxes with various coloured calligraphy pens.

Member Projects

Envelope Exchange

Above & Right Yogi Grunwald These were done with 6.0 Pilot Parallel Pens, double dipping into Holbein gouache for the first name and A 3.0 for the last name and a Zig Writer for the address.

Cathy Chong


Heather Luciow’s daughter is a frontline healthcare worker in long term care who shared the Grey Nuns Covenant Health’s Facebook post with her. Heather said it touched her heart deeply as she is the Event Coordinator for GRIT, “a non-profit group which works with young children who have developmental delays or disabilities and helps them access educational programming to support their learning, participation and development for up to three years prior to grade one.”

She would like 135 Weathergrams to attach to small ‘Thank You’ gifts at the end of their program year. Heather says GRIT’s staff is “known for their compassion, strength and encouragement, working with families and children, and supporting each other working towards the same goal of inclusion in everyday life. “

The ECS is happy to support these workers. We’ve decided to make them all using brown craft paper. Jeanine says she has some to share, if you need it. If you would like to participate and make a few Supportive, Encouraging Weathergram messages over the next few weeks, please notify me when you have finished, and we’ll arrange to collect them.


When we hosted Sachin earlier this month, I’d forgotten about this video that I first discovered when I first started following him on Facebook. Thanks to member, Janis Blevins, who forwarded it to me, you can also enjoy this Calligraphy Masters YouTube recording. Sachin told me that he hadn’t realized that Milan was recording, so it’s a very natural conversation!


The Getty-Dubay people have developed computer fonts you can purchase. As you type, they will create joined cursive-Italic letters to mimic their handwriting programs.

You can find them here:


We will soon be having another executive meeting. If you have wondered what goes on, or are curious about the various roles we have and what’s involved in making your ECS vibrant and important in your life, please let me know, and I will send you a ZOOM link when we set the date. You will be an observer only, with no voting ability. If you are thinking you’d like to partner with one of our Exec. members in January to be mentored for one of the positions in 2022-23, this is a great chance to learn more about what makes our team special!


As we did last year, we will again be sending a survey with questions for you to answer, along with the slate of officers who have agreed to let their names stand for the various Executive positions.


John Neal Bookseller Numerous Online Classes 

Denis Brown A Variety of Classes

Sandia Workshops Online Calligraphy Classes

Paul Antonio Classes, Lectures and Workshops

Benoit Furet Filigrees II

Loredana Zega Two Upcoming Classes 

Society for Calligraphy Several Classes

Future Learn History of the Book & The Book of Kells

Lettering Daily Tutorials and Guides

European Pointed Pen Collective Several Classes

Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society Videos For Beginners

Calligraphy Masters Frak One Free Foundational Tutorial:

Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild Drawn & Built-up Capitals With Yukimi Annand 29.html

Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto (Open to ‘Friends of CAGT for a small fee.)

Sally Penley–Sumi Marks and Colour:

Julie Wildman–Intermediate Passionate Pointed Brush:

Virtual Exhibition Information:

Julie Wildman:  2 Classes–Every Letter is a Jewel & Make Your Mark

European Pointed Pen Collective Mike Kecseg–Informal Pen Script

Ink Me This Numerous Online Classes:

(Alexis loved Jen Sweeney’s Wedge Brush class!)

Letters of Joy (Mini-Conference) Many Sessions to Choose:

Legacies III Virtual Classes Lettering Arts Conference–July 3-10 (Register by May 3 and save $100.)

Looking Forward

Most of us enjoyed a ‘treasure chest’ of online learning opportunities through this past Pandemic year, and your ECS Executive is proud of the line-up we provided to our members. We usually plan our whole year in January, but held off thinking about our 2021-22 instruction ideas until we learned more about how the pandemic was progressing. Many of our members have offered great support for the choices we made last May, so we have decided to continue hiring professional calligraphers through our next ECS season! People love having a ‘front row seat’ to the classes. Peggy Marce, one of our Workshop Coordinators, has been busy contacting other calligraphers, and reports that all are replying with enthusiasm for working with us next year. I’m hoping we will have a complete list of names and subjects to share with you in the last Ink Drops next month.

Gail Fournier

ECS President

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