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August 2019

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! Namaste! Halo! Salaam! Ohayo!  Sannu!  Jambo! Ni Hau!  Szia!  Merhaba!

Greetings to all as we prepare to begin our new calligraphic year!  Our first meeting is Wednesday, Sept. 4.  We are excited to start off with some fresh, new faces…a few members joined us near the end of our last year, and we’ll welcome a couple of new people who became members over the summer.  Please seek out an unfamiliar face and help make someone’s first time with us a warm and inclusive experience.  If you are able to come at 5:45 to help set up tables and chairs, we would greatly appreciate your assistance so we can begin the meeting at 6:15.


We start our meeting with a very quick information/business meeting and move on to our Learn to Letter segment around 6:30.  We like to give our instructors as much time as possible for the lettering program. 

At our Sept. 4 meeting, Lisa Eriksson will lead us in making our own folded pen using materials provided.  Jackie Doll will do a lettering activity with the pens and we will complete a small project making Strip Cards.

SUPPLIES NEEDED:  sharp scissors, a fine tip sharper marker, 1/4” circle hole punch (if you have one), embossing stylus (if you have one).











If you did not renew your membership in May or June, you may do that through Eventbrite or print your membership form from our website, complete it, and bring it with you to our first meeting Wednesday, September 4, along with your payment of $45.



I know some of you have been lettering over the summer months, so I encourage you to bring items you have worked on, either in progress, or completed, to display on our Letters and Lines area.  September’s theme is “Hello”, which you may interpret with a variety of hands, using different languages, or in a quotation or poem.  You still have time to work on an item for our September meeting!  Here is the link to the year-long suggestions to get you thinking!



If you were fortunate enough to have taken some classes this summer, or attended the Rendez-Vous International Calligraphy Conference in Sherbrooke, Quebec, please bring some samples of your work to share with everyone.  I’m sure our members will be curious to see what you have learned.



Please make sure that you have decorated and sent your

Envelope to the ECS member whose name you picked in the

Spring.  It will bring a smile to the person on the receiving end!





September 14/15, 2019      at the MWSMC          Loredana Zega—Experimental Embossing and Design

We have 7 spots left in this class.  You may register at the meeting ($180), or through Eventbrite.

Our major fall workshop with Loredana Zega is Sept. 14/15. You will learn how to create beautiful “raised” letters using a variety of embossing techniques, colours and materials, including metal leaf. Loredana will discuss colour matching, design composition and related rules and guidelines, and will experiment with different textures in combination with embossing.

Loredana Zega is a passionate Slovenian Calligrapher with an English National Diploma in Calligraphy, held by CLAS (The Calligraphy and Lettering Art Society), who passed with Distinction. She is experienced in a variety of techniques, surfaces and alphabets. Her passion is the flat brush, besides dance and theatre.

We would like to fill the class, so please don’t miss this opportunity to learn from such a talented, young calligrapher.  Unless you attend an international conference, you are not likely to have this unique experience!  Support your ECS and be part of the wonderful “Learning Curve of Calligraphy”!


October 26, 2019       at the Artelier      Jeanine Alexander—Brush Lettering

We have 12 spots available for this class. You may register at the Sept. 4 meeting ($80) or on Eventbrite.







Building on a basic italic alphabet, we will begin to make letters with walnut ink (provided) and a #4 brush to complete a small alphabet project.  Switching to a water brush, we will learn a flourished version of our letters and begin to work in colour to complete some small projects.


#4 DaVinci brush (green handle)

Water brush  (fine or medium) Pentel, Koi, and many other brands.


T square


water container

paper towels

All paper will be provided for your work, practice and projects in class. If you have some paper that you would like to use, feel free to bring it along.

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