Highlights from November 1st Meeting

Letters and Lines:



Mark Making with Black and Walnut Ink, collage, lettering.

Done by: Jacqueline Doll
























Mark Making with black, Red pencil using pressure and release, Sprinkled red gouache.

Done by: Margaret Poznansky













Mark Making with Black and Walnut Ink, Lettering with red, Booklet.

Done by: Peggy Marce
















Lettering Paper recommended by Lilian Lai















Thank you Lilian Lai for sharing practice sheets.



























Mark Making with walnut ink, black ink. Variations of lettering styles: Romans, Neuland. Various nibs/edges to create letters, including scraping into wet paper.

These 4 selections: Peggy Marce



















































Clairfontaine Paper, Pelikan 4001 Black Ink, Irridescent Inks, Nikko Nib, Oblique Holder, Pointed Pen Lettering.

Text from the Musical “The Fantastiks”.

Done by: Pauline Baynes





















Blue and brown watercolours. Brush lettering with gouache.

Done by: Jeanine Alexander













Used Calligraphy for Kids to learn Italic and create piece.

Done by: Cynthia Zimmerman















Black Railroad Paper, White Gouache, Speedball nib, Prismacolour pencil crayon. Lettering Style: Foundational.

Done by: Gail Fournier

Text from an antique primary reader.

















Black and walnut ink, various lettering styles (Roman and Brush), red ink.


Done by: Jeanine Alexander
















Tombow marker, Dark grey fine tip Staedtler markers, Semi-transparent paper (13.5 lbs.)

Quote from Anita Diamant’s “The Red Tent.”

Done by: Christine Henzel















These next two selections: Making Marks, Walnut ink, Black ink, Lettering, one work in progress.

Done by: Gail Fournier





































Making Marks with walnut ink, black ink, and a blue wash. Various lettering styles.

Done by: Peggy Marce
















A ship is safer in the harbour. But that’s not what ships are for.

Mark Making , Blue Wash, Brush lettering, Romans, fine point marker. Done by Jeanine Alexander







Lettering Class: Pointed Pen

Thank you LynnAnn Babuk for an amazing pointed pen lettering class. The exemplars were excellent as well as the instruction.


Short video clip of Jeanine practicing abracadabra.




Some Practice Sheets


Higgins Eternal Ink on Crayola Marker Paper, oblique pen and pointed pen nib.















Higgins Eternal Ink, on Clairfontaine, oblique holder & Nikko nib.






















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