February Ink Drops/ 2022

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March’s Meeting was:

Wednesday, March 2

7:00 PM MDT

via ZOOM

Instructor: Mike Gold

Variations in A

Membership Update

We extend greetings to new member, Gabriella Soba in Spain! Our membership now stands at 139, along with the 9 complementary memberships given to this year’s instructors.

At our January Executive meeting, we normally do our planning for the following year, which would be September 2022 to June 2023. We are still unsure of our ability to meet in person in large numbers so are not making firm decisions about September and October; however, we DID decide to carry on with hiring professional calligraphers to provide instruction for our November, December, January, and February monthly meetings. The ZOOM sessions have been immensely popular and since those are our darkest, snowiest months, we felt people would be happy with this decision. (If it turns out that we can meet safely, we may arrange to have our Mentor Meet-ups in a location that can accommodate more people so we can meet in person.) We’re waiting to see how COVID manifests itself before we plan out the last four months of our 2023 ECS year.

Of course, we know that going back to holding only in-person meetings would eliminate all the out-of-Edmonton members who have joined us during the last two years. By offering 4 Zoom meetings (8 hours of instruction) with skilled calligraphers, we hope those who live elsewhere in Canada, the US, and other countries, will choose to stick with us when your membership comes up for renewal. We will send you a reminder in May to renew before the AGM.

We’ve enjoyed getting to know you and appreciate your participation in our Edmonton Calligraphic Society.

LETTERS AND LINES THEME – Practice, Practice, Practice

MONTHLY MEETING PROJECTS–Gemma Black’s Adolf Bernd-style Letters

Envelope Exchange

Lost and Found

Member Projects

JANUARY MENTOR MEET-UP – Artist Trading Cards with Jeanine Alexander.



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