December 6

General Meeting


6:00 Doors open for setup 6:15 Call to Order



Information Updates



Christmas Card Making & Addressing Envelopes


Bring a few tools. You will appreciate having your own scissors/cutting mat and xacto knife. You will write one word…JINGLE…and affix it to a card.

Choose and address the envelope…don’t forget the stamp!











7:15 Letters and Lines… the theme is CELEBRATE!


Things to do at Break



Tickets for draw

Supply purchases

Workshop registration.



Don’t forget to submit your John Neal Order.  Reminder: Cheques or cash only.  John Neal Book orders (see attached form which is highlighted text above). Please don’t order books, paper or liquid ink. If you are ordering, write a cheque to ECS for the amount + 25%. Here is the Order Form.


New Member? See Membership table.














7:45 Christmas Ornament Lettering

This is the activity we did at the DIY event on the 18th of November.

Now it is your turn to DIY and take home a little gift from the ECS.

8:45 Exit Rm 229















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