Membership is available on Eventbrite. An annual membership costs just $45.00 for Canadian Members and $55.00 for USA/International members and provides you with member benefits from July 1st/2022 through June 30th/2023.

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Memberships for the 2022/23 Membership year are now available. 


At our January Executive meeting, we normally do our planning for the following year, which would be September 2022 to June 2023. We are still unsure of our ability to meet in person in large numbers so are not making firm decisions about September and October; however, we DID decide to carry on with hiring professional calligraphers to provide instruction via ZOOM for our November, December, January, and February monthly meetings. The ZOOM sessions have been immensely popular and since those are our darkest, snowiest months, we felt people would be happy with this decision. (If it turns out that we can meet safely, we may arrange to have our Mentor Meet-ups in a location that can accommodate more people so we can meet in person.) We’re waiting to see how COVID manifests itself before we plan out the last four months of our 2023 ECS year.

Of course, we know that going back to holding only in-person meetings would eliminate all the out-of-Edmonton members who have joined us during the last two years. By offering 4 Zoom meetings (8 hours of instruction) with skilled calligraphers, we hope those who live elsewhere in Canada, the US, and other countries, will choose to stick with us when your membership comes up for renewal.

Members WILL CONTINUE TO enjoy all kinds of great benefits, including:

Advanced notification and registration for workshops.

Members will still be encouraged to take part in the envelope exchange.

 Members will have the opportunity to share their work with others online in both “Ink Drops” – (monthly e-bulletin) and on the ECS website.

Members will be encouraged to share what they have been working on in the “Love of Letters” segment of Ink Drops.

Email notifications for all events until Oct.1st of 2023, (for the 2022/23 year membership)

  • Instructional classes are included at monthly meetings. These are included in the price of membership. Members are NOT required to register on Eventbrite and will receive information about upcoming classes through “Ink Drops.”
  • Calligraphic supplies will be for sale at in person monthly meetings.
  • Subscription to Ink Drops, our monthly online ECS newsletter
  • Other valuable members-only online content, including additional information about upcoming classes and workshops, notices of upcoming lettering arts exhibits and shows, and more!
  • Access to the ECS library – a great collection of calligraphic resources!
  • Opportunities to exhibit and/or sell your work
  • Opportunities to advertise your private calligraphy business on the ECS website
  • The chance to meet, share, and learn from/with other Calligraphers at our General Meetings
  • Opportunities to promote lettering arts in our community
  • Other exciting volunteer opportunities

An annual membership provides you with member benefits from July 1st through June 30th of that Membership year.

Not available at this time: To become a member of the ECS, simply download the registration.

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