To keep us energized with lettering throughout the year, we’ve created the 8″x8″ Letters and Lines challenge!

At the beginning of each meeting, all ECS members are invited to display a piece that they’ve been working on. Your submission is meant to be a work in progress, not a finished piece. Your submission can be anything – use it as an opportunity to experiment with a new-to-you writing instrument/ink/paper, get feedback on work from a class or workshop, or show off your grocery list…and let the ink flow on. We’ll also provide monthly suggestions in case you’re stuck for ideas.

Remember that the Letters and Lines submissions are an opportunity to share and learn from one another. See how happy accidents and mistakes are handled. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn from one another!

Make sure to bring along something you have worked on or discovered since the last meeting. We welcome both finished works, as well as works in progress, a practice sheet or even some interesting samples of lettering you and others might find inspirational.



March…Shades of Green

You want to write on green paper, use green ink or channel the luck of the Irish and try out a completely new technique or product in this month’s challenge.

Or ‘go green’… upcycle a frame, write on some vintage paper or make a junk journal page with your junk mail. Maybe this is the month you do a collage (clip file page) of lettering styles …share what inspires you!



The movement of the pen over paper is often called the ‘Dance of the Pen’.

Perhaps you will find a quote about dance or write out a list of dances (google it ) or dance through your practice sheets with grace. Bring whatever you are inspired to letter about Dance for the meetings opening segment.



Here’s your chance to go wild…do some cut out calligraphy, letter with a broken pen, combine bits and pieces of this years practice sheets in a collage format. Write out a sentence in the five lettering styles we have learned this year…The quick brown fox etc…


May 5th
Member Appreciation Event, May 5th.
Hold your workshop spot for $20. Lunch included.


June, July, August

No meeting in June this year. Enjoy the summer. See you in September!


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