The Edmonton Calligraphic Society (ECS) takes pride in introducing and promoting lettering arts and calligraphy to communities in Edmonton, Alberta and the surrounding area. Help us meet our mission!

Commission Custom Calligraphy

Commission our calligraphers to hand-letter nametags, invitations, cards, or thank-you notes for your next meeting, conference, seminar or social event. Learn more about hiring a calligrapher.


Added Value/In the Community

We are committed to introducing and promoting Calligraphy as an art from. Invite our artists to do demonstrations of hand lettering at your business events, meetings, socials, conventions and festivals. Two to four  artists will work three hour shifts at your function. Longer time committments can be negotiated.

In advance of the event , we will collaborate with you to design an original take-away item. At the event we will personalize this item. A standard item (always available at no extra cost) is a bookmark bearing our logo on which we will write the patrons name in their choice of lettering styles.

We will bring along our newly updated banner, some art pieces, information on upcoming classes and on our Write Now handwriting initiative. A ‘Try It’ station can be added for extra interest as patrons explore and experiment with a variety of writing tools.

In the past year we collaborated with the Art Gallery of Alberta (monograms,)  Freewill Shakespeare (greeting cards,) Mill Woods Seniors Centre (bookmarks,) John Walter Museum (name badges) and the YMCA daycamps (mini classes). There are many applications of calligraphy in action!

Typically, organizers provide us with a donation of $100-$200 per event. We can provide a donation form to meet the requirements of your accounting practices.

Sometimes there are costs incurred with special designs and products and those would be discussed and agreed upon as needed.

We find we are booking up quickly! We need a minimum of 3 months notice.

Summer Festivals and Events must be booked before March 31 of the year.

Support the P.E.N.S. Program

The P.E.N.S. program is an innovative program that aims to preserve, teach, and nurture the use of cursive writing in elementary schools in Edmonton, Alberta and the surrounding area. Through the P.E.N.S. program, experienced calligraphic artists provide Grade 3 students and their teachers with 18 hours of cursive writing and lettering arts instruction using an easy-to-follow cursive writing curriculum.

Learn more about P.E.N.S., including how to bring the program to your school here.

Attend ECS Exhibits or Displays in the Community

The ECS hosts a number of public events throughout the year, where members of the public are invited to view the work of, and engage with, local calligraphers and lettering artists. You can find a calendar with our upcoming events. We would love for you to join us!

Calligraphy Classes

Please go to the following websites to find more Calligraphy Classes taught by members:

Metro Continuing Education

Calligraphy: City of Edmonton

Classes and Events in the Community


Calligraphy:Modern Uncial Lettering: March 19th/2018, City of Edmonton, LynnAnn Babuk

Calligraphy: Introduction to Script Lettering: 02/02/2018 to 02/26/2018, Harry Ainlay School, LynnAnn Babuk


The ECS enjoys being active in the community and welcomes your ideas and invitations. Please contact us to organize serving in one of the above ways or to inquire about other possibilities.