Please arrive at the location about 15 minutes early, to give yourself time to get situated before the event begins. Please ensure that you arrive on time so as to minimize interruptions. The venue will be open 15 minutes before the event takes place (but not earlier – this is to give the lead people time to prepare and set up).


The chairperson will give a brief description of the format and timeline for the event, including start and end times and scheduled breaks.


Each participant should come to the event with all of the materials and information that they need. A list of recommended materials and information will be supplied on the event webpage. Please do not bring extra materials into the classroom at the start of the session. If you would like to bring materials beyond those listed on the event webpage, please keep them in your vehicle and retrieve them as necessary.


You may find that many of the questions you have about a topic are answered in the session. Listen attentively and, if you’d like, take notes.

Distracting Behaviours

For the sake of other participants, please do your best to minimize distractions, such as tapping or clicking your pen, rustling papers, tapping your feet, or making other noises that may be distracting.

Cell Phones 

Please turn off your cell phone prior to the start of the event. If you are expecting an important call, please set your phone to vibrate and excuse yourself from the meeting if the call comes in.


Please refrain from wearing perfumes or colognes to help ensure that the event is enjoyable for all.

Food & Drink

As much as possible we will use venues where there is a separate area to have food and drink. Please use the space provided and bring your own refreshments.

Event Takedown

For classes and workshops: Please clean your own station before you leave.

We have our space and instructor only for the allotted class time, so please be ready to leave when the session is finished.