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Online Resources:



Lettering Styles

Blackletter, Gothic 

Practice Sheets: http://www.calligraphypractice.com/practice-sheets/ 

Gentle Gothics with Alice Young:

  1. http://skl.sh/1Sxy670
  2. http://skl.sh/1LdWn0q
  3. http://skl.sh/1Xhj5KA

Pointed Pen Resources:


Information on pointed nibs (which are best for beginners & also sells calligraphy items):


Logos Calligraphy & Design: guidelines sheets for pointed pen and more:



Pointed pen script guideline generator:



Exemplars from The Postman’s Knock:

“Stitches”, “Morgan Style”, “George Style”


Also look for Akim monoline & Willow monoline for 2 other styles.





Calligraphy Instructors

Here is a brief list of instructors. More will be added.

Yukimi Annand – http://www.yukimiannand.com/yukimia/calligraphy.html

Gemma Black – http://blog.gemmablack.com/

Denis Brown – http://www.quillskill.com/

Reggie Ezell – www.reggieezell.com

Kerri Forster (Calgary)

David Grimes (Masgrimes Calligraphy) – https://masgrimes.com/

Kathy Guthrie –  http://www.kathyguthrie.com/

Carrie Imai – http://carriedesigns.com/


Kelly Klapstein (Edmonton) – http://www.kellycreates.ca/

Yves Leterme – http://www.yvesletermeletters.com/

Phawnda Moore

Cecilia Sharpley – http://cecilia-letteringart.com/

John Stevens – http://johnstevensdesign.com/

Sally Towers-Sybblis (Red Deer) – https://sallytowerssybblis.com/

Julie Wildman: https://www.wildmandesigns.com/

Alice Young – http://www.aliceyoung.ca/



The Lettering Arts Guild of Red Deer –  http://www.lagrd.ca/

Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild – http://www.bvcg.ca/

Warmland Calligraphers of the Cowichan Valley: http://www.warmlandcalligraphers.ca/

IAMPETH – https://www.iampeth.com/home

Saint John’s Bible – http://www.saintjohnsbible.org/

Society for Calligraphers, SOUTHERN CALIORNIA – Flicker page- https://www.flickr.com/photos/societyforcalligraphy/sets/

Society of Scribes & Illuminators – http://www.calligraphyonline.org/



This is a brief list of retailers. Please support our local retailers.


The Paint Spot – http://www.paintspot.ca/

DeSerres – https://www.deserres.ca/en/

Colours  – https://www.artistsupplies.com/

Delta Art – https://www.deltaart.ca/



John Neal Bookseller – http://www.johnnealbooks.com/

Paper & Ink Arts – http://www.johnnealbooks.com/

Quietfire Design – http://www.quietfiredesign.com/

Curry’s Art Store – http://www.currys.com/

Speedball –  http://www.speedballart.com/